Monday, January 10

10th Jan | Moments in Mumbai

P.S: I had been planning to take a walk alone around town for well over an year now... Finally did it! Felt great pretending to be a tourist in my own city! :)


A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

The guy taking taking a nap, abut a wall smeared with spit, ignorant as he sleeps in the lullaby of mother nature. The thousand books that lie in stack, unfolding a thousand thought, carefully assimilated in pages. Do you find these beautiful ? Or is it just they are a good frame to capture ?

IcE MaiDeN said...

I found them beautiful... so very beautiful... the guy sleeps on a the poster of those politicians who promise him a home... ironic ain't it? :)

A photo can look beautiful, according to me, if it has a story to tell, however insignificant. Mumbai has lots of such stories, waiting to be captured. :)

cyclopseven said...

your pictures are excellent. You pick up the difference unnoticed by many. Great work.