Thursday, September 30

30th Sep | Chocolates :)

P.S: The last of the chocolates that my best friend got for me from US :)

Saturday, September 25

25th Sep | Hide And Seek

P.S: Completely unedited. This is precisely why I say nothing, no shades and no lights, can be more beautiful than the ones strewn by the hands of nature :)

P.P.S: No points for guessing that I love taking pictures of the sun and clouds :)

Wednesday, September 22

22nd Sep | A Rainy Evening.

P.S: An evening spent looking outside at the rain falling over the Queens Necklace, one of my most favorite places in Mumbai. As seen from inside Pizzeria.

P.P.S: One more :)


Saturday, September 18

18th Sep | Lady with an attitude...

P.S: Dont let the looks fool you, she is damn sweet and smiles all the time :) And the names Rakshita.

Friday, September 17

17th Sep | Brilliant Sunset

Camera courtesy: office colleague's cell - Nokia N79

17th Sep | Midnight Orchids

P.S: Midnight buffet at Orchid.

Thursday, September 16

16th Sep | Caged


Thursday, September 9

9th Sep | Pink

Tuesday, September 7

7th Sep | A New Beginning

Sunday, September 5

5th Sep | Preksha

P.S: My niece who just wouldn't stay still :)

Friday, September 3

3rd Sep | Lazy Sunbathing Spider

P.S: Couldn't decide which version I like best! :P