Monday, October 25

25th Oct | Silence.

Picture taken on: 2nd Dec 2006'
Place: Archeological Survey Of India, Goa.
Camera: My Olympus  camera (scanned pic)

P.S: :)

Sunday, October 17

17th Oct | Lost In Never Never Land...

Picture taken on: 7th Dec 2007'   
Place: Kufri, Shimla.
Camera: Friends borrowed digicam.

P.S: I would give up anything, everything, to go back to this day.

Saturday, October 16

16th Oct | Evening among the hills...

Picture Taken On: somewhere around Christmas, 2008'
Place: Wilson Dam, Bhandardara. 
Camera: Friends borrowed digicam.

P.S: I remember feeling hollow within because I missed him so much. 
Never been so troubled and serene at the same time, weirdly.

Wednesday, October 13

13th Oct | Cat outside my window!

Picture taken on: 5th December 2009'
Place: Outside my window :P
Camera: Sony Ericson cell camera.
P.S:  My most faithful boyfriend :P :D He doesn't have a name though.. :)