Friday, December 31

31st Dec | Solitude

Time & Place: 
Dead of the night, UlhasNagar Station.

P.S: As the last few hours of a year that swiftly passed by, and one heck of a decade draw near, I find myself once again in one of the moods that visit me often - Solitude.

Tuesday, December 28

28th Dec | Engagement

Camera: Nikon d80
When: 25th December 2010'
Occasion: Ring Ceremony of Gulshan Kaur Khalsa & Manmeet Khalsa :) 
May the beautiful couple keep smiling for all their lives :)

P.S: We can call this my first stint at event photography :) Completely unintended shots those were, I was just playing around. I think they came out good what do you think?

P.P.S: Absence from blog on account of too much work. Will be back with a bang next year :)

Friday, December 10

10th Dec | Tea & Coffee

Place: Chai ki tapri, outside work.
Camera: iPhone4

Monday, December 6

5th Dec | Seaface

Place: Worli Seaface
Camera: Nikon d80
P.S: Experimenting with long exposure... & bringing in the Bday' :)