Tuesday, November 30

30th Nov | Midnight Coffee

P.S: .. and lilies :)

Saturday, November 20

20th Nov | Happy Bride :)

P.S: My elder sister just got married (this picture was taken a day before the wedding), and I hope that this beautiful dimpled smile remains forever! :) God Bless! :)

Tuesday, November 16

16th Nov | Chandelier.

Place: Spaghetti Kitchen, Powai.
Camera: iPhone 4

P.S: This is fast becoming one of my favorite quiet conversational date places..

Sunday, November 7

7th Nov | Diwali Lights

P.S: Me prefers the diya's over electric lights :)

6th Nov | Diwali Gift :)

P.S: The way to my heart is through my favorite chocolate :)

Thursday, November 4

4th Nov | The Festival Of Lights Is Here...

P.S: I love how Diwali brings along so much light with itself :)

P.P.S: Finally got around taking some new pics  :D

Tuesday, November 2

2nd Nov | Rangoli


Picture taken on: Diwali 2009'
Place: Office reception.
Camera: Sony Ericson cell camera.

P.S: Happy Diwali folks! :)