Friday, December 31

31st Dec | Solitude

Time & Place: 
Dead of the night, UlhasNagar Station.

P.S: As the last few hours of a year that swiftly passed by, and one heck of a decade draw near, I find myself once again in one of the moods that visit me often - Solitude.

Tuesday, December 28

28th Dec | Engagement

Camera: Nikon d80
When: 25th December 2010'
Occasion: Ring Ceremony of Gulshan Kaur Khalsa & Manmeet Khalsa :) 
May the beautiful couple keep smiling for all their lives :)

P.S: We can call this my first stint at event photography :) Completely unintended shots those were, I was just playing around. I think they came out good what do you think?

P.P.S: Absence from blog on account of too much work. Will be back with a bang next year :)

Friday, December 10

10th Dec | Tea & Coffee

Place: Chai ki tapri, outside work.
Camera: iPhone4

Monday, December 6

5th Dec | Seaface

Place: Worli Seaface
Camera: Nikon d80
P.S: Experimenting with long exposure... & bringing in the Bday' :)

Tuesday, November 30

30th Nov | Midnight Coffee

P.S: .. and lilies :)

Saturday, November 20

20th Nov | Happy Bride :)

P.S: My elder sister just got married (this picture was taken a day before the wedding), and I hope that this beautiful dimpled smile remains forever! :) God Bless! :)

Tuesday, November 16

16th Nov | Chandelier.

Place: Spaghetti Kitchen, Powai.
Camera: iPhone 4

P.S: This is fast becoming one of my favorite quiet conversational date places..

Sunday, November 7

7th Nov | Diwali Lights

P.S: Me prefers the diya's over electric lights :)

6th Nov | Diwali Gift :)

P.S: The way to my heart is through my favorite chocolate :)

Thursday, November 4

4th Nov | The Festival Of Lights Is Here...

P.S: I love how Diwali brings along so much light with itself :)

P.P.S: Finally got around taking some new pics  :D

Tuesday, November 2

2nd Nov | Rangoli


Picture taken on: Diwali 2009'
Place: Office reception.
Camera: Sony Ericson cell camera.

P.S: Happy Diwali folks! :)

Monday, October 25

25th Oct | Silence.

Picture taken on: 2nd Dec 2006'
Place: Archeological Survey Of India, Goa.
Camera: My Olympus  camera (scanned pic)

P.S: :)

Sunday, October 17

17th Oct | Lost In Never Never Land...

Picture taken on: 7th Dec 2007'   
Place: Kufri, Shimla.
Camera: Friends borrowed digicam.

P.S: I would give up anything, everything, to go back to this day.

Saturday, October 16

16th Oct | Evening among the hills...

Picture Taken On: somewhere around Christmas, 2008'
Place: Wilson Dam, Bhandardara. 
Camera: Friends borrowed digicam.

P.S: I remember feeling hollow within because I missed him so much. 
Never been so troubled and serene at the same time, weirdly.

Wednesday, October 13

13th Oct | Cat outside my window!

Picture taken on: 5th December 2009'
Place: Outside my window :P
Camera: Sony Ericson cell camera.
P.S:  My most faithful boyfriend :P :D He doesn't have a name though.. :)

Thursday, September 30

30th Sep | Chocolates :)

P.S: The last of the chocolates that my best friend got for me from US :)

Saturday, September 25

25th Sep | Hide And Seek

P.S: Completely unedited. This is precisely why I say nothing, no shades and no lights, can be more beautiful than the ones strewn by the hands of nature :)

P.P.S: No points for guessing that I love taking pictures of the sun and clouds :)

Wednesday, September 22

22nd Sep | A Rainy Evening.

P.S: An evening spent looking outside at the rain falling over the Queens Necklace, one of my most favorite places in Mumbai. As seen from inside Pizzeria.

P.P.S: One more :)


Saturday, September 18

18th Sep | Lady with an attitude...

P.S: Dont let the looks fool you, she is damn sweet and smiles all the time :) And the names Rakshita.

Friday, September 17

17th Sep | Brilliant Sunset

Camera courtesy: office colleague's cell - Nokia N79

17th Sep | Midnight Orchids

P.S: Midnight buffet at Orchid.

Thursday, September 16

16th Sep | Caged


Thursday, September 9

9th Sep | Pink

Tuesday, September 7

7th Sep | A New Beginning

Sunday, September 5

5th Sep | Preksha

P.S: My niece who just wouldn't stay still :)

Friday, September 3

3rd Sep | Lazy Sunbathing Spider

P.S: Couldn't decide which version I like best! :P

Tuesday, August 31

31st August | Orange :)

               P.S: He knows I love them, and still he doesn't get them. 
                       And when he finally does I feel torn between grinning and glaring :D              

Monday, August 30

30th August | Love that faded away..


                    P.S: Result of cleaning out my drawer... :)

Saturday, August 28

28th August | Doctor, CA, Engineer :)

P.S: This snap probably makes no sense to anyone other than the people in this pic... Taken with a cell camera, NO idea why its blurred & other than the grins, you can barely make out anything. That's an old picture, I was trying to goof around in the car when we were on our way to Lonavala for a weekend getaway from the city & our final years of study-life. I don't rem what we were laughing about, but oh that laugh, I remember how it made me feel.. so incredibly happy... Good times.. :)

These are the two most fav people in my life, the ones who have known me the longest - a decade of being together.. Even boys don't last that long! :P I cant say much about them, because like with everything best you get in life, no words can do justice to them. Today again spending one of our typical days together, nothing special, catching a movie, shop, laughing and relaxing - once more makes me reflect back on the years that we have spent together, growing up together... and how much I love you guys :)

Best Friends Forever! :)

P.P.S: 50th post already.. yayie! :) :)

Thursday, August 26

26th August | Bokeh

                 P.S: Bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, 
                 or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light."

                 The term comes from the Japanese word boke (暈け or ボケ), which means "blur" or "haze", 
                 or boke-aji (ボケ味) meaning the "blur quality".

(Source: Wikipedia)                

Wednesday, August 25

25th August | Nothing beats this book..

P.S: Yes yes I know even people halfway around the world know how much I love this book :D but seriously it is just so freaking awesome!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 24

24th August | Just around the corner in Mumbai

P.S: The haarwala (haar: garlands)- a common sight around here. I think I alarmed the fellow a little bit..   :)

Monday, August 23

23rd August | Hope..

"Beautiful light is born of darkness, 
also the faith that springs from conflict is often the strongest and the best."

Saturday, August 21

21st August | Behind Bars

Thursday, August 19

19th August | Random :)

And thus, my love affair with Nikon begins :)

Sunday, August 15

15th August | Morning @ Marine Drive

P.S: Watching the sunrise - Wizards' Style - facing the west, sitting with some of my closest friends... Watching the pitch dark night shining with a single Sirius,  give way to a steadily lightening horizon.. finally giving way to a brilliantly peaceful blue dawn.. The lights on the Queen's Necklace go out & the sea turns lighter, but it still looked so stunning, it reminded me of my favorite reason for falling in love with my city - There's magic at sea in Mumbai :)