Saturday, August 28

28th August | Doctor, CA, Engineer :)

P.S: This snap probably makes no sense to anyone other than the people in this pic... Taken with a cell camera, NO idea why its blurred & other than the grins, you can barely make out anything. That's an old picture, I was trying to goof around in the car when we were on our way to Lonavala for a weekend getaway from the city & our final years of study-life. I don't rem what we were laughing about, but oh that laugh, I remember how it made me feel.. so incredibly happy... Good times.. :)

These are the two most fav people in my life, the ones who have known me the longest - a decade of being together.. Even boys don't last that long! :P I cant say much about them, because like with everything best you get in life, no words can do justice to them. Today again spending one of our typical days together, nothing special, catching a movie, shop, laughing and relaxing - once more makes me reflect back on the years that we have spent together, growing up together... and how much I love you guys :)

Best Friends Forever! :)

P.P.S: 50th post already.. yayie! :) :)


abha said...

Luvd d tagline u hav put!!:)

ketki said...

i luv d tag toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IcE MaiDeN said...

lol and I love you guys! :P :)

(and ya, finally we all have degrees we can flaunt :P :D)

Azad said...

It's a photo contest going on facebook with 'Friendship' as theme.

Tomorrow is the last day. Just thought of letting u know! :)